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How much money does a phlebotomist make?

While the term phlebotomist may not be as well-known as other medical titles, it describes a profession of vital importance in hospital settings. Phlebotomists specialise in drawing blood, but must also be proficient in safety precautions and interacting with patients and other professionals in their work environment. The career does not require extensive training to enter, so evaluating average compensation levels can help those curious about the job decide if it is the right choice.

National Averages

As of November 2010, PayScale has combined the pay levels of over 5,000 medical phlebotomists and calculated an average salary range from £14,954 to £20,762. Additionally, average hourly wages range from £7.00 to £9.60, with overtime pay averaging between £9.60 and £14.20. These figures do not include any non-monetary benefits included with employment.


While starting salaries for phlebotomists may be low, average annual pay grows as years of experience are acquired. For those with one to four years of experience, PayScale finds average salaries ranging from £13,681 to £19,702. By five to nine years, this range grows to £15,910 to £24,058. At ten to nineteen years of experience, the range has levelled out at £18,188 to £23,680.


PayScale's data shows that phlebotomists working on a short-term contractual basis have the highest pay, with a top average salary above £26,000. Employees of federal, state and local governments all come close behind, with a salary range reaching to about £24,700. Those working in hospitals have significantly lower averages, with a salary range that stretches only to around £20,150.


The American Society for Clinical Pathology provides certification for phlebotomists, and PayScale's data shows that these certifications have an effect on average salary. For ASCP Certified Phlebotomy Technicians, salaries span from £15,525 to £20,402. ASCP Certified International Phlebotomy Technicians have a higher range, at £19,159 to £23,145. Finally, ASCP Certified Donor Phlebotomy Technicians have the highest annual pay, from £15,925 to £34,068.


PayScale's salary ranges do not include non-cash benefits, but statistics on these benefits do accompany the survey phlebotomist. Based on the results, it is found that 69 per cent of those in the profession receive medical care from their employer. Furthermore, 58 per cent receive dental care and 43 per cent receive vision care.