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How much money does a sound engineer make?

Sound engineering technicians, who operate equipment for recording, mixing or reproducing music, voices and other sounds for movies, TV shows, the record industry and various live venues, earned salaries ranging from less than £16,250 to more than £58,500 yearly in May 2009, a survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports. The middle of the sound engineer salary scale was around the £32,500 per year mark.

Average Wage

The average hourly wage of a sound engineer in May 2009 was £16.80, according to the BLS. On an annual basis, they made an average of £35,060.

Median Wage

Sound engineers' median wages were £14.40 per hour in May 2009, or £30,140 per year. Half of workers in this occupation made more than this and the other half made less.

Salary Range

The best-paid 10 per cent of sound engineers made £29.4 or more per hour in May 2009, or about £61,275 or higher annually. At the other end of the scale, the lowest-paid 10 per cent earned £7.30 or less per hour, which is roughly £15,223 when calculated annually.

Top Industries

Software publishing was the highest-paying industry for sound engineers in May 2009, with an average annual salary of £42,588. Others in the top five were computer systems design and related services, religious organisations, traveller accommodations and the motion picture and video industries, which employed more sound engineers than any other industry.

Top Regions

The District of Columbia boasted the highest average annual salaries for sound engineers in May 2009 at £46,013 per year. California was second, with an average annual salary of £45,396, followed by Montana, Georgia and Connecticut.