How Much Does a Neurosurgeon Make a Year?

Neurosurgeons, more colloquially known as brain surgeons, conduct work that is extremely delicate. A single mistake for a neurosurgeon can translate to disastrous results, because the brain is the control centre of the entire body. Not surprisingly, neurosurgeons, along with spinal surgeons, are some of the highest paid surgeons of any surgery speciality. In addition, the job is extremely prestigious, making it highly coveted in the medical industry.


Data tends to lump the job in with a plethora of different occupations. They lump neurosurgeons in with physicians and surgeons that cannot be categorised among anesthesiologists, family/general practitioners, general internists, ob/gyns, general paediatricians, psychiatrists and general surgeons. In the "physicians, all other" category, based on 2009 data, the average annual salary is £113,009, and the hourly rate is £54.30.

The Average Salary

According to information gathered between 2004 and 2007, the typical yearly salary for a neurosurgeon is £184,207.

Pay Range and Experience

The Allied Physicians Salary Survey for 2010 shows the pay range for neurosurgeons. They indicate that a neurosurgeon with one to two years of experience makes £230,100. With three or more years in the field, a neurosurgeon earns £351,650. Top earners have salaries of a whopping £608,400.


In addition to regular salaries, neurosurgeons take home compensation in the form of bonuses, profit sharing and commissions. While most salary surveys don't break down this additional income, in most professions, bonuses, profit sharing and commissions increase the longer a person has been in an industry. Additionally, salaries can vary largely based on employers. For example, neurosurgeons in the military make at least 50 per cent or less than a civilian neurosurgeon--this is one reason why neurosurgeons don't stay in the military for many years.

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