Nightclub party ideas

Nightclub parties are an effective way to draw people to your club. A party adds a new flavour, style or theme to a nightclub, which curious minds will want to check out. To pull off a successful nightclub party make sure all of the details are covered, from the lighting design to the props to the themed beverages.


Add a touch of glamour to your nightclub party by setting up valet parking for guests who are willing to pay. This VIP element gives nightclub goers a chance to enter the party in style. To top off the valet feature, lay down a red carpet that runs from the valet drop-off location to the club doors. You can even have it roped off with matching red ropes.


Come up with a theme for your nightclub party and take that theme all the way with decorations. If you are having a masquerade theme, pass out partial masks for people as they come through the door. If the theme of your party is disco, pass out props such as giant plastic sunglasses and wigs. For a Hawaiian or tropical theme, give everyone leis. Require your staff, such as bartenders, servers and bouncers, to wear themed outfits, too.

Special Effects

Give your party guests something to rave about with special effects. Bubble machines, foam machines, fog machines, strobe lights and black lights are special effects options that go over well in nightclubs. If you choose to use something such as a foam machine, you may want to give your guests fair warning in your party ads so they do not wear their best clothes only to get full of suds and soap.

Bar Entertainment

Bar entertainment is an effective way to draw peoples' attention to the bar, which then turns their thoughts to drinking. It is also entertaining to watch and adds a lively element to a typical bar scene. Every hour during the party, host a bar show for a few minutes to display the talent of your bartenders as they do tricks with their bottles and glasses, "Cocktails" style. You can even host a competition between two people in the crowd, and let them compete for £65.


If you can get celebrity DJs or music artists to come to your nightclub party, it will be an instant success. Celebrities ignite the crowds and give your club notable recognition. Club goers will be full of excitement.

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