Cancelling a gym membership can be complicated, especially if a long-term contract is involved. If you want to cancel a Fitness First membership, carefully review the contract. Getting out of a Fitness First contract can be difficult, so you should document your actions to protect yourself.

Visit your home club (the club where you signed up), and discuss your situation with the Member Service manager. Do not attempt to cancel your membership over the phone or by e-mail. Request a Departure Request form to document your reasons for cancelling. If you are cancelling your membership for medical reasons or because you are moving to an area more than 30 kilometres away from a club, provide a copy of proof. If your cancellation is for other reasons, be prepared to pay a cancellation fee in addition to your last month's payment, since 30 days' notice is required. Do not leave without obtaining the signature of the Member Service manager on the Departure Request form and receipts of all payments made.

Write a letter referencing your recent cancellation and a notice to stop direct debits from your bank account. Mail these letters, along with copies of your Departure Request form, to the Fitness First home club's general management, Fitness First's head office and your bank. Use delivery confirmation to ensure that you have proof that the documents were received by all parties. The head office address of Fitness First is:

Fitness First Limited 58 Fleets Lane Poole Dorset BH15 3BT United Kingdom Telephone: 01202 845000

Watch your bank account for debits from Fitness First. In some situations, accounts are put on hold rather than cancelled, with charges resuming after three or four months. If charged after you cancel your membership, contact your bank, and reference your notice to stop direct debits from Fitness First. The bank might ask you to provide copies of your delivery confirmation before refunding charges, and it might suggest that you open a new account to prevent future charges. Finally, contact the head office, and reference your cancellation letter, signed Departure Request form and receipts of final payments made.


Always retain proof of payments, delivery and cancellation in a safe place in case of future collection attempts.