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How to Pay Bills Online in Foreign Currency

Paying bills online is an efficient way to conduct business. Many international websites will already use your current currency. However, what if the site you are using to pay a bill displays the money in a foreign currency? Things could get tricky. How do you know how much you are paying out for your bill? How will you even know in which currency to make your payments? You can clear up the confusion of paying bills online in foreign currency with a few steps.

Calculate how much you will be paying out by using an online currency converter such as XE or Currency Source. Most online currency converters are free and are updated daily according to the current exchange rates. Using a currency converter will give you an accurate calculation of both the amount of money you will be spending in your own currency as well as the foreign currency requested by the recipient.

Specify a method of payment. The two common payment methods for online international payments are by credit card or by using PayPal. PayPal allows you to make payment without disclosing your credit card details to a third party. With PayPal you will process the payment yourself.

Make your payment by using your credit card. The recipients will deduct the amount from your credit account in their currency. On your billing statement the deduction will show in your currency.

Pay your bill using PayPal instead. You will be able to specify in which currency you want to make your payment. To complete the transaction, sign into your PayPal account. Click on the "send money" tab located near the top left of the page. Type the amount you previously calculated using the currency converter into the box labelled "amount." Use the drop down menu directly to the right to select in which currency you want to make your payment. Click on the tab labelled "personal" and select the option "payment owed." Click "continue." A confirmation page will open. PayPal will do the currency conversion for you. Both the amount in the foreign currency as well as the amount in your own currency will be displayed. Make sure the information is correct. If it is, click the button labelled "send." PayPal will complete the transaction and the amount will be deducted from your account instantly. You will be able to see the payment made in your recent activity located in the "overview" tab.


Never wire or transfer money to someone or a company you don't know or haven't received goods or services from. It could be a scam. It is very difficult to recover funds stolen through an Internet scam.

Things Needed

  • Currency converter
  • Credit card or PayPal account