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High Paid Jobs That No One Wants

Some types of jobs are highly competitive and open positions in these areas receive many applications; other, less sought-after jobs require more time to fill. Even though some of the most unpopular jobs come with a respectable paycheck, the salary still is not enough to entice most people to want to apply for them.

Crab Fisherman

Crab fishermen are tasked with fishing in freezing Alaska waters, as well as braving subzero temperatures and the loneliness of travelling the seas without their families for months at a time. Business Pundit reports that crab fishermen can be handsomely rewarded for their hard work though, by receiving as much as £32,500 for eight weeks on the job.

Commissioned Salesman

The idea of working without a guaranteed paycheck does not appeal to most people. The few employees with enough confidence to rely on their sales pitch alone to bring home a decent salary tend to earn a very comfortable leaving. According to Business Pundit, successful salesmen at places such as car dealerships and electronics stores typically earn approximately £65,000 per year or more.

Crop Duster Pilot

A crop duster pilot has a different career path from that of a commercial pilot. The crop duster pilot is responsible for flying his plane over crops at very low altitudes, dodging objects in his path such as power lines and fence posts. Such a pilot is exposed to toxic chemicals on a daily basis, but according to Business Pundit, he can earn up to £52,000 per year.


A proctologist is responsible for diagnosing and treating problems with the rectum. Patients go to these doctors for the treatment of problems such as anal tears, severe constipation and fecal incontinence. Most people have no desire to perform these tasks, but according to Business Pundit, those who choose this career path can earn as much as £146,900 year.

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