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The best personal financial planning software

Various software and computer programs have made personal money management and financial planning easier and more convenient.

While the details of the services vary, many offer the same features to help you plan for your future financially, including budgeting, tracking your spending, tracking your investments and help saving money. Some of the software is free, while others require payment.


Quicken is a software tool made by Intuit that helps you manage your finances. You can create budgets and track spending, and enter all your financial account information to see a snapshot or details of your financial life in one place.

Quicken helps you plan for the future by including savings and investments in your budget, and helping you track those accounts.

Quicken also helps save you money with automatic bill reminders so you always pay your bills on time. The software costs money, though the company also offers an online version that is free.


Mint is a free online personal money management and financial planning software tool. Mint connects to all of your financial accounts, including bank accounts, credit card accounts, loans, investments and all retirement accounts, including savings plans, mutual funds and brokerage accounts. That way, you can log into your Mint account from any computer to see how all of your accounts are doing by looking at the numbers or a variety of charts and graphs that show the account history.

Mint also allows you to budget your money and automatically tracks your spending with categories so you can adjust your spending habits. Mint allows you to set financial goals, such as saving for a house, and tracks your progress.

Torrid Technologies

Torrid Technologies makes retirement planning software for individuals and couples. The software is designed so anyone can use it, and works on both Macs and PCs. It allows you to create retirement plans that account for Social Security money, pensions, benefits, taxes and investments to help you project realistic retirement savings plans that you can use at anytime in your life, whether you are saving for retirement or already retired. It uses colourful visual graphs and charts to help you see any problem areas and your overall retirement savings status.


AceMoney is a personal finance management software tool developed by MechCAD Software.

The tool allows you to manage all of your financial accounts, create budgets and track spending, transfer money and perform other transactions in your accounts. It also works in different currencies, which is good for people who do business or invest internationally, or plan to live in another country someday. Besides your bank accounts and credit cards or loan accounts, AceMoney also tracks your saving plans, stocks and other investments to better help you plan for the future.