How to Register Property With the Land Registry

The Land Registry is the official government office for registering title to land in the United Kingdom. Registering your title with the Land Registry will guarantee your title. When a property is registered for the first time the owner must prove ownership of the land. If the land is sold at a later date, then the conveyance is also registered and the new owners can be assured of a guaranteed title.

Search the Land Registry office to make sure that the land has not already been registered. The Land Registry maintains an index that can be easily searched by making application.

Complete a first registration application (Form FR1). The FR1 form and all other forms you will need can be found on the Land Registry website.

Attach all documents that are required to accompany the FR1 form to the form. Required documents include: sufficient details to identify the land, original deeds and/or evidence of title, original lease if applying to register a leasehold, search results from the Land Charges Department against all owners of the land since 1925, two copies of Land Registry form DL, a completed form DI if registering overriding interests.

Sign the form and enclose the required fee. You may also be required to prove your identity. If presenting the application in person you may prove your identity to the officials at the office. If applying by mail you need to include proof of your identity with the documents.


Additional help is available by calling the Land Registry at 0800-452-0432

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Things Needed

  • Form FR1
  • Form DL
  • Original deed
  • Proof of Identity
  • Additional forms if applicable

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