How to Remove a Matrimonial Charge With Land Registry

The United Kingdom requires all land owners and money lenders for mortgages to register with the land registry system. Registration helps the government prevent identity theft. Ensuring the land registry has your correct name and contact information allows the agency to notify you of any issues regarding the land or mortgage. In cases of marriage or death, evidence must be provided to the land registry office to change the matrimonial name or remove a matrimonial name from a registry.

Download the HR4 form from the Land Registry's website (see Resources). Complete the form. Attach copies of the required documentation based on the matrimonial charge which needs to be removed. If a death occurred, a death certificate is required. If a divorce is the reason for the change, a release of spouse or court order ending the matrimonial rights is required.

Contact the Land Registry Head Office to determine which specific office your paperwork should be sent to. Its contact information is below:

The Information Center

The Land Registry Home Office

32 Lincoln's Inn Fields

London WC2A 3PH

Phone 020 7917 8888

Mail the completed HR4 form with supporting documents to the appropriate land office.

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