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How to Replace Microsoft Money Personal Software

Microsoft Money is personal finance software created by Microsoft. It allows users to set up and manage budgets, create financial goals and track spending. However, Microsoft Money was discontinued as of June 30, 2009, so there are no more updated versions available for purchase. There are several alternative personal financial programs available that have features comparable to Money that can be used as a replacement.

Use Quicken financial software. Go to the Quicken website (see Resources), and purchase, download and install the Quicken application onto your computer. Launch Quicken, then click "File" from the menu bar and select "Import" from the drop-down list. Click "Microsoft Money file," then select the check box next to "I Want to Import my Data from Microsoft Money." Follow the prompts from the software to import the data. For example, navigate to the Microsoft Money file that is on the hard drive and double-click it to import it. The Money data will populate all of the sections of Quicken, including accounts, bills and categories.

Install the Moneydance personal financial software. Go to the Moneydance website (see Resources), purchase the program and download it to your computer. Install the program. The Moneydance application has features that are similar to Microsoft Money. Populate the accounts, bills, budget and category sections with the same data that is in Money. Because the two applications are so similar, it is an effective replacement for Microsoft Money.

Use the Mint online personal financial service. Launch a Web browser and go to the Mint website (see Resources) and sign up for an account. Enter your bank, credit and loan accounts. Create the categories for your transactions and set up your budget. Even though the software is online, its features are comparable to Microsoft Money.