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CV ideas for factory workers

Like the CVs of other job seekers, a factory worker's CV needs to include some standard information, such as a personal profile, education and a list of previous employers.

However, with aCV that emphasises specific skills and qualities, a factory worker can appear more appealing to an employer. It is not just about the factory worker's abilities, but also about the passion for strong teamwork and effective results.

Career objectives

Include a career objective that identifies your passion for the work, your desired direction in the industry and your willingness to work hard to advance. Factory positions include not only assembly line work, but also roles as supervisors and managers. Your objective statement will help the employer determine how your career goals fit with the position you are applying for.

Summary of qualifications

This section is essentially a list of reasons why you are the ideal factory worker for the position available.

This can include your physical qualifications for the job. Other factory worker qualifications include experience on several production lines, production quality and consistency, being a team player on the assembly line, maths and reading ability, and flexibility in terms of times of shifts and assignments.

Skills and abilities

When an employer reads through a factory worker's CV, he wants to see what the candidate is capable of doing in the factory.

The skills and abilities section should make you stand out from other factory applicants, so list everything you know that pertains to factory jobs. Examples include having knowledge of manufactured products, safety regulations, specific machines or equipment operations and quality control methods and practices. Also mention that you have experience working long hours and doing repetitive work, since this is often the case with factory positions.

Previous employers

It is a CV standard that past employers are included, so the employer can see how much experience you have for the factory position. To make your work history stand out, create a short list of responsibilities you had in each job. Mention whether your factory job was an assembly line position, managing the quality control of the products and what type of factory you worked for, so you can show your flexibility for factory positions.