The Land Registry is a government organisation in the UK used for registering titles to land and to record sales and mortgage information. An Rx1 form is used to enter a restriction with a land registry.


The Land Registry aims to maintain an effective land registration system throughout the UK. It also provides guarantees to titles for all registered land. An Rx1 form is used when land is obtained through a bankruptcy estate.


A Land Registry Form Rx1 is used when a trustee receives land from a bankrupt's estate. This form states the receiver has claimed the land. The trustee must also submit a copy of the bankruptcy notice when submitting the form Rx1.


Form Rx1 is used to prove that the receiver of the property has sufficient interest in the property. This form is used for complete or partial interest in a property. A fee must be accompanied when this form is submitted to the Land Registry. The Land Registry reviews this application when determining change of title to the property.