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Salaries and Pay Scale for Overhead Linesmen

Overhead linesman install and repair electrical and telecommunication lines mounted on overhead telegraph poles, and sometimes underground. This is difficult work, and often dangerous considering the heights that these workers must perform their duties, as well as the potential exposure to high voltage. The pay scale for overhead linesman is generally higher than other jobs that don't require postsecondary education; but, a worker may have to have many years of on-the-job training to earn the highest wages.

Hourly Wage Statistics

The top 10 per cent of all overhead electrical linesman earn over £25.07 per hour and have annual earnings of over £53,592, factoring in potential overtime. The lowest 10 per cent earn under £10.50 per hour and £21,892 per year. The average overhead linesman in the U.S. earns £17.09 per hour, and £42,581 per year. Linesmen with higher seniority levels, as well as greater experience, tend to earn more than entry level workers, who are on the lower end of the scale.

By Industry

Pay for overhead linesman varies depending on the industry that a person is working in. The highest paying industry segment for this profession is the natural gas distribution companies. These linesmen average £24.70 per hour, and £51,512 per year. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that only 2,730 linesmen are employed with natural gas companies. The largest opportunity for employment as an overhead linesman is with an electrical power generation or distribution companies, which employ 51,440 linesman, paying them an average of £18.09 per hour, or £39,338 per year.

By State

California linesman earn the highest pay rate in the country, at £24.05 per hour and £50,953 per year. California also employs the second highest number of overhead linesmen. Texas employs the most linesmen, with 9,110 working in the Lone Star State, earning an average of £14.60 per hour, and £30,368 per year. Florida and Pennsylvania, along with Georgia round out the top five listing of states employing the most linesmen, with wages comparable to Texas. Oregon and Alaska linesmen earn high wages as well, on par with California.

Metropolitan Areas

The San Luis Obispo-Paso Robles, California area has the highest paid linesman in the country, earning an average of £27.08 per hour and £57,993 per year. This is followed by Stockton and Bakersfield, California, where the linesmen earn slightly less. When looking outside of metropolitan areas, into more rural territories, Kansas linesmen earn the most of these areas, but significantly lower amounts than the metro area linesman, at an average of £16.30 per hour and £34,073 per year.