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The salary of an ear nose & throat specialist

An ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT), also known as an otolaryngologist, treats and diagnoses conditions that deal with the larynx, upper pharynx, neck, face, sinuses and the oral cavity. ENTs must undergo over a decade of training to be properly certified and at that time they can earn over £130,000 on average. Otolaryngologists may also specialise in several areas including neurtology, rhinology and allergies.


An ENT is responsible for medical and surgical treatment of the ears, nose, throat and all related areas. General ENTs tend to handle cases like tonsillectomies, sinusitis, nosebleeds, infected mastoids and adenoidectomies. More specialised otolaryngologists may deal with specific ear conditions like tinnitus and balance disorders, throat disorders like swallowing and upper aero-digestive tract problems and neck disorders like tumours and deformities. According to ENT Net, 35 million people develop the condition of chronic sinusitis each year, which makes it one of the most frequent disorders treated by ENTs.


Otolaryngologists must complete up to 15 years of undergraduate and postgraduate training. This includes four years of college, around four years of medical school and typically five years of speciality training. This is followed by an examination from the American Board of Otolaryngology and a possible one- or two-year fellowship in a specific area of ENT study. Along the way, it is important for ENT candidates to achieve high grades and test scores so that they may gain admittance into the top quality colleges, medical schools and residency programs.


According to Salary Wizard, the middle 50 per cent of ENT specialists receive between £169,299 and £224,574 as a base salary as of December 2010. The median of base salary is £189,495 while the top 10 per cent earn over £256,511.


Otolaryngologists can also expect to gain certain benefits along with their base salary packages. On average, an ENT specialists can expect to earn a median of £7,618 in bonuses, £24,259 in time off and £7,962 in pension annually. In addition, further annual benefits included £7,162 in Social Security, £6,051 in a 401k or 403b, £3,966 in health care and £1,971 in disability, according to Salary Wizard. When adding all benefits together, the median salary package for an ENT specialist as of December 2010 was worth £248,489. These numbers tend to vary depending on years of experience and geographic location.