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Senior technician job description

Senior technicians work on computer systems and networks in companies and corporations. According to the occupational outlook handbook, applicants entering this field will see a 30 per cent increase in jobs until 2018. The average employee in this position made £36,400 to £45,500 a year in May of 2008, depending on the type of company or organisation they worked in.

Education and Job Training

Most senior technicians are required to hold a degree in computer science or technology. A high school diploma is also required and job experience and training is also mandatory.

Required Job Skills

Senior technicians are required to have strong analytical skills and communication skills. Candidates for these positions must be able to work independently and quickly in stressful situations.

Job Duties

Main duties of a senior technician include analysing technical issues and problems, diagnosing problems, providing support to other employees and assisting other technicians with issues.

Working Conditions

Senior technicians work in offices in front of a computer for long hours. Many travel to other offices.

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