Staff incentive ideas

Companies who regularly reward their employees with incentives often enjoy a lower employee turnover rate as well as high employee morale. When considering staff incentive ideas, consider incentives that reward your employee's efforts on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Monthly Themed Parties

Host a monthly office theme party. Choose the theme from either the season, such as football or a specific holiday, or from the current project your team is working on. For example, if your current client is a Hawaii-based hotel chain, throw an office luau complete with Hawaiian food and music.

Weekly Contests

Post a question in Monday morning's meeting. You can choose from general trivia, current events or company-specific material. Have your employees place their answers in a jar on your desk. Pull the answers out during the Friday meeting and give a prize to the person, or people, who answered the question correctly.

Telecommute Days

Give your employees the opportunity to work from home every once in a while. During summer and holiday school breaks is a great time for your employees to spend more time with their children while working from home.

Monthly Movie Tickets

Purchase bulk movie tickets from your local theatre at a discount. Every month, give a pair of tickets to the person who fulfilled the highest sales goals or went out of their way to complete a project.

Employee Appreciation Day

Hold a private sale on your company's products or services for your employees, their families and friends. Ask your employees which specific products or services they would like to see included in the sale. Give the biggest discounts on the products your top producers for the month suggest.

VIP Treatment

Hold a VIP contest for your top producing employee each month. Give that employee a monthlong VIP parking spot and a spot on the VIP Wall of Fame. Give whomever gets the most VIP months out of the year paid time off or a complementary weekend getaway trip at the end of the year.

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