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Staff supervisor job description

A staff supervisor supervises and is in direct charge of a staff.

A staff supervisor is in the position of managing, monitoring and assigning specific duties to the staff. This supervisor has oversight of how duties must be carried-out in the particular way the company or organisation requires.


The staff supervisor maintains staff records and keeps written reports of attendance and work assignments of designated staff. This person participates in the hiring and training process of staff.

In this position this supervisor trains staff in the particular duties of employee-specific job descriptions. He coordinates, oversees and leads staff in duties.

Daily managerial operations are usually conducted by the staff supervisor. This supervisor may also delegate responsibilities to qualified employees.


As staff supervisors hold positions on several fields, different educational credentials apply accordingly.

In general, staff supervisors benefit from taking college coursework in management and other operational procedures. Actual degree and certificates of completion will vary by industry.


For some staff supervisors, the ability to handle money is preferred. This professional also has the ability to use personal computers and have knowledge of software, including word processing, databases and spreadsheets. In some instances the staff supervisor has the ability to perform data entry duties.

This person can easily handle stressful situations related to supervising people.

Staff supervisors can successfully organise and multi-task. He also has the ability to work well with others, communicate verbally and in writing and to operate tools and equipment as necessary.

Work Environment

The work environment of the staff supervisor may vary considerably. This person may work indoors or outdoors. He could possibly have to sit, stand or walk for extended periods of time each day. Noise levels may range from moderate to intense depending on the industry of supervision. The supervisor could possibly be exposed to wet conditions or poor lighting if working outdoors. The staff supervisor may also work in the confines of an office where minimum exposure to outdoor conditions will occur.


According to, an average staff supervisor working in the United States earns about £38,350 annually. Salaries vary by experience, industry, credentials and location.