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Top-paying jobs for women without a degree

It’s not always necessary to have a university degree in order to earn a living in a high-paying job in the UK.

Forbes predicts that the high-paying jobs of the future won’t require any kind of higher education learning whatsoever and that what will matter most in the future will be experience, a natural flair for particular tasks and in-house training. This is really good news for those women in the UK who are looking to get back into work after having taken time off to raise a family.

Loans officers and insurance sales agents

According to Savvy Sugar, the average insurance sales manages to earn approximately 13% above the average national salary. It’s also predicted that within the next 10 years 90,000 jobs will be made available in the UK in the sales insurance sector. Most insurance agents in the UK only have a secondary school certificate and its common for each agent to work her way up within the company.

Loan officers can also work their way up within a company with only a secondary school education to lay claim to. The main responsibilities include evaluating and approving loan applications for individuals and businesses. It’s a role best suited for those women interested in finance and budget management.

Legal secretaries

On a daily basis, legal secretaries are expected to process mail and other kinds of correspondence, manage the lawyers’ diaries for whom they work and type legal documents as requested.

A short qualification in typing is far more important for a legal secretary to have than a university degree. She needs to have secretarial skills which will make the working lives of the lawyers she represents run like clockwork.

These skills cannot be found in a university environment, but they can be found in dedicated legal secretary training schools and programs. With just a secondary school certificate, the starting salary for a legal secretary in the UK is around the £19,000 mark, with plenty of room for growth.

Estate agents

Estate agents in the UK, with only a secondary school education on their CV, can earn anything up to £35,000 per annum. The role is highly-interactive, with most estate agents spending the majority of their time speaking with potential buyers, renters and sellers, visiting properties on the market and trying to make a sale. A lot of what the estate agent earns will improve as a result of commission, which means the better she is at closing a deal the more opportunity she will have of earning more at the end of the month. The buying, selling or renting of any property requires a responsible attitude and the skills of someone who can make everyone involved in the deal feel relaxed. Women with incredible interpersonal skills and a flair for sales will do well in this sector without ever needing to study formally at higher education level.

Artists and fashion designers

Artists in the UK, or those employed in artistic roles, can earn anything between £27,000 and £30,000 without having to have a higher education certificate of any kind. What matter most in the artistic sector is the quality of the work produced.

Women with artistic talent, who put together a portfolio of the best work and know what to do to market those talents and make connections with other people in the industry, can make a very successful and profitable career as an artistic of some kind.

Indeed, arts officers and managers can earn up to £35,000 without formal study. The same goes for fashion designers in the UK. It might be necessary to start from the bottom and work up through the company, but landing a fashion design assistant job for a top label or designer in the UK is worth more on a CV than a higher education certificate.