How to transfer a number plate

If you've paid for a personalised number plate, then you'll probably want to take that plate with you when you buy a new car. After all, personal plates are expensive. Thankfully, the Driver and Vehicles Licencing Agency (DVLA) allows the transfer of UK registration numbers. The DVLA will need details on both the original vehicle and the one to which you're transferring the plate. Both vehicles should be fully taxed and have valid MOT certificates to speed the process.

Visit the DirectGov website and download form V317. Print the form and fill in the boxes as required. You'll need the serial numbers from the tax discs of both vehicles. If you're transferring the plate number to a vehicle owned by another person, that person will also need to sign the form.

Find your car's registration certificate (form V5C). Enclose this with the completed V317 form. If you don't have or can't find a V5C form, you may have a V5C/2 New Keeper's form. Enclose this alongside a completed V62 "Application for vehicle registration certificate". Download this from the DirectGov website.

Find your latest MOT test certificate. Ensure that it's up to date and valid. Enclose this with the other forms.

Enclose a cheque, postal order or banker's draft payable to "DVLA Swansea" with the completed form. The fee in 2010 is £80.

Log on to the DirectGov website at and find your local DVLA office address. Send the forms and payment to this address.


If your tax disc has expired, you can send payment for renewal alongside the number plate transfer application.


If the V5C/2 form has been stamped by a DVLA office, or if you haven't got one, you'll need to fill in a V62 and wait until it's processed before continuing.

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Things Needed

  • Valid tax disc
  • MOT certificate

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