How to transport a car to India

If you want to send a car to India, the best way is shipping. There are various shipping companies which import and export goods to and from from India and abroad.

Find out the best shipping company. Ask friends, search the Internet, and look in your local phone book. You can also find one online for e.g. Auto Car Shippers.

Pay the import duty. This duty is even levied for encouraging homologation and the domestic industry. A Honda civic can cost in Indian currency 800,000 but if imported may cost Rs 1,600,000. Cars which are sold in India are basically detuned to make them conducive with the Indian fuel.

To transport a car to India, an Import license is also must.

Obtain quotes from the auto transport company and go through them very clearly and carefully.

Follow different methods for new and used cars being transported to India.

For shipping new cars: New cars should be equipped with right hand steering and controls. It must have a speedometer which can show the speed in kilometre per hour.

For shipping used cars to India: The car should not be more than three years old from the date of manufacture. There should be custom clearance from Mumbai. The owner of the used car should produce at least five year documents as a proof of its worthiness. The car should have right hand steering and control including speedometer.

In case of the passenger car, only one car can be shipped.

Full payment has to be made in the country from which it is shipped.

After the customer clearance of the shipped car, the passport has to be certified for the transfer of the car.

Pay for insurance or tax as required while arranging for the registration of the shipped car.

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