How to Find a VAT Registered Company

The VAT, or Value Added Tax, is a tax on consumer spending. It is collected on goods and services sold in the European Union, including the United Kingdom and associated provinces. Businesses must charge a VAT if they are selling goods and services in these areas over a certain currency threshold. Those companies that do register can be looked up via a VAT database maintained by the European Union. You will need to have the member name and VAT number in order to find the company.

Call the Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) VAT Helpline at 0845-010-9000. They will provide you with a list of options that can help to verify VAT registration for a particular company.

Go to the Taxation and Customs web page for the European Union. The site is titled "VIES VAT number validation". See Resources for a link.

Input the member state in the first box and the VAT number in the second box. If you don't know the VAT number, you can look on a receipt from the company or call the company directly.

Click on "Verify" for a list of companies which match the company name. If the company is registered, it will come up in the search. The tool will provide you with the company address and consultation number.

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