How to win at monopoly

One of the oldest and most treasured board games is the property trading game Monopoly. No matter what version (Jr., Electronic, or themes like Disney and American Idol), Monopoly is usually played the same and needs a lot of strategy and plan making. One false move and you could be bankrupt.

One of the first things you need to consider when playing is your funds. Money can make or break your game and is actually your “score” on winning. It may be tempting but try to avoid spending your money early.

Keep you money organised and spread out so you know how much you have. If you need to, keep track of your total amount using paper and pen, or a calculator. This will have a better view of what is in your income instead of seeing a bunch of coloured bills piled together.

Deciding what properties to buy and not buy is a huge part of the game and sometimes relies on luck. Going first may seem like a luxury for properties, but going 2nd or even 3rd can add a huge advantage in the beginning. If your opponent lands on a section of properties and is purchasing one of them, your goal changes from getting your own to buying one of theirs. This will give them more incentive to trade and bargain later in the game.

The best properties to gain for you are obviously the more expensive. But as you head around the board you may be tempted to buy more, but the only ones you really should early on are the railroads. The more railroads that you own, the more you make and that money adds up quickly considering all of the railroads are spread around the board.

If you are not the first to land on Boardwalk or Park Place than do everything you can to get those properties. Someone is bound to land on them in the long run and they will pay you off greatly.

Give away some of your money in the form of houses and hotels. You will make double and even triple the amount you spend on the expansions in no time and the best way to do this is by working on one set of properties at a time.

Customise rules. Monopoly has always been a game of expansion and customisation so if you are hosting your own game than you can modify the rules to potentially benefit you. One of the more common rules is the Free Parking space. Any tax money or money paid to the bank is placed in the centre of the board until somebody lands on free parking and claims it. This can go either way, but if you do win it, it will benefit you greatly.

Playing multiple games will help you in each game after that you play. By playing one game, you can see another player’s strategies and flaws and take advantage of them later or in future games.

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