Workplace bulletin board ideas

Employers and workers both use notice boards in the workplace to communicate important information like how to file reports, when meetings will take place or what to expect at annual evaluations. However, you can also utilise notice boards in the workplace to boost morale and increase rapport between employees as well. A few basic ideas may be the way to create a more interesting notice board in your workplace.


The workplace sometimes is stressful, not just because of the work, but because of interpersonal conflicts. The website suggests integrating humour into your workplace notice board to combat this problem. For example, you can post funny cartoons (they don't need to be work related) or a joke of the day. Another option is to post funny anecdotes. These may be fictitious, but it may help your employees from taking themselves too seriously if you make the anecdotes about the employees, so long as they are true and not malicious. If you use this option, it's a good idea to have a few guidelines in terms of what is appropriate and what is not appropriate for the board. For example, you may want to forbid jokes or pictures containing nudity or sex, or you may want to avoid stories that contain violence.

Good News

The Ottawa California Kindness Campaign website points out that good news is something positive that employees can share with each other. Posting happy events or accomplishments may keep the workplace from seeming too gloomy, overwhelming or depressing, and can help to create better morale. Examples include birth announcements, marriages, training completion, and promotions. Although this area of the notice board may contain work accomplishments, inviting employees to include more personal positive news as well is beneficial, since it may be continued even during "slow" work periods and is open to even the lowest level employees. If this area of the board seems sparse, you may fill it with positive company information, such as an increase in stock value or sales.

Contests suggests initiating contests in the workplace that will encourage employees to laugh at themselves and which stimulates teamwork. The workplace notice board may be used to announce these contests and who the subsequent winners are of them. The contests may be work related like the person who turns in the most reports in an hour wins an extra break or completely off the wall like who has the smelliest or healthiest lunch. The less often the contests are held, the better prizes you may want to offer.

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