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Workplace safety bulletin board ideas

In any workplace, safety hazards can endanger the comfort and security of your employees.

To make your staff more aware of potential safety issues, you can create notice boards that illustrate the problem and the solution. Place the boards in common gathering areas, for maximum visibility.

Slips, Trips and Falls

No matter what industry or type of workplace, slips, trips and falls can be serious hazards. Anything from a leaking water cooler to a rogue computer cable can cause a serious injury to your employees.

Keep your employees aware by making a notice board that showcases the common danger areas in your facilities.

Look for such issues as a sink that causes condensation on a tile floor, areas with dim lighting, uneven floors or unexpected changes in level, or places that cables cross or move from their rightful place. Use pictures, when possible, and consider placing miniature notice boards near the problem spots to draw further attention.


Stress can be a safety issue for workers, whether physical, mental or a combination. To help your employees understand the effects of stress on their health and workplace performance, make a notice board that illustrates the different ways stress can happen. You might address getting enough sleep, taking breaks to prevent eye strain, using ergonomic pads for their wrists and setting up their work spaces for maximum comfort. If your company offers programs like gym memberships, flex time or counselling, include them as resources to help workers deal with stress.

Communicable Diseases

When you place multiple people in an enclosed space, germs travel quickly.

A notice board that reminds employees to take care of their health, practice proper hygiene and avoid the spread of illness can help you reduce the number of sick days, which, in turn, can avoid lost productivity. On the board, talk about best practices for a sick employee: wash your hands more frequently, use antibacterial gel, have a supply of tissues and stay home, if you are sick.

Industry-Specific Dangers

Many industries, particularly those that use heavy equipment, experience associated safety hazards specific to that particular business operation. For a useful notice board, detail one or more of the safety issues that may not be well-known to everyone in the company. This can be particularly effective in keeping office staff safe when they are on the shop floor.

Common issues to consider include the unexpected movement of equipment, keeping a safe distance from machinery, proper clothing and protective gear and the correct handling of chemicals. Include pictures and diagrams on your notice board to cement the concept in the minds of your staff.