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The world's least stressful jobs


We all strive to find that elusive work-life balance but according to the latest study by, some of us have an easier time of it than the rest. The job seekers Website identified three key stress indicators, including the work environment, job competitiveness and the risk factor. It then applied these to 200 jobs and was able to determine the least stressful work environments.

\#6 Audiologists

Lending further truth to the old saying that "knowledge speaks but wisdom listens," these health care professionals which examine and treat hearing difficulties, came out at number six on the least stressful work occupations. The fact that audiologists also detect balance is a nice coincidence when you consider finding the harmony between work and life. In the UK there are three ways to become an audiologist;

• Completing a BSc degree course in audiology • Completing an MSc in audiology • Completing a postgraduate diploma in audiology

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\#5 Dietitians

Although the issue of diet may be a touchy and stressful subject for the rest of us, it seems dietitians have a whale of a time. The British Dietetic Association, the trade union and professional organisation for dietitians in the UK, say that their members use the most up to date scientific research to offer practical advice on diet. In order to become a member of this stress free club you need to take a Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) approved university course.

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\#4 Hair stylists

Again, although for many of us a trip to the hairdresser can be daunting experience it seems the ones doing the chopping get off pretty light. The profession is always in demand and can be very lucrative. The truth of the matter is; what’s the difference between a good haircut and a bad one? A week.

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\#3 Librarians

Forget the old image of the uptight school librarian and think more stress-free, book-worm. According to, "the job satisfaction of being a librarian is often high" but "wages are often low." The usual route to becoming a librarian is gaining a bachelors degree and then a postgraduate librarianship qualification.

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\#2 Drill press operators

A dying breed but a happy bunch at work nonetheless. The role includes tending a drilling machine to drill, bore, ream, mill, or countersink metal or plastic work pieces.

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\#1 University professors

The view from ivory towers is a stress-free one. The study listed university professors as the least stressful job, finding that "the field's high growth opportunities and minimal health risks in a low-stress, pleasant work environment makes the job of university professor the envy of many career professionals." A cushy number if you can get it...

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