A business lease proposal is a document written by the potential tenant to the landlord.

The business lease proposal outlines specific details about the leased space in question, the costs for renting the space and a description of what the tenant wants to do with the space in question.

Proposals are often written for business spaces, so the landlord can pick the candidate that suits the building's reputation, standards and professionalism. Therefore, all candidates must submit a proposal in order to be considered for the space in question.

Ask the landlord for a proposal form. Some landlords will have a business lease form that you simply have to fill out. Others will ask you to write a proposal in order to be considered for the space. Ask the landlord about the preferred format in order to be considered for the space.

Provide three references that the landlord can contact in order to confirm the information in the proposal. References need to be professional relationships, so examples include banking references, trade references, or previous landlord or tenant references. The landlord wants to make sure you can pay your rent on time, that you are a good tenant and that you run a successful business.

Write a paragraph that discusses the changes that need to be completed in order for you to operate your business as necessary. For example, point out things that need to be built in the space like adding wall shelving or things that need to be renovated, such as adding or removing a small bathroom or storage closet.

Provide a description of what you will be using the space for in terms of your business. Some may use the space as an office, while others will use the space to plan and construct products for the business. The landlord wants to know what you will be doing in the space, so he can reject the proposal if he believes it will be too loud or too much of an inconvenience for other tenants in the building.

Include a list of utilities or space features you need to operate your business in the business space, such as electricity, gas, water, snow removal, landscape maintenance and parking spaces. For example, if you are planning on operating an office where clients need to come in to speak with representatives, you may need several parking spaces for your guests.

Include the address of the business space near the bottom of the proposal, and include your signature and proposal date. Create a title page for the proposal, where you include your name, date and your business logo. Add the title of the business lease proposal on the title page.


Some business lease proposals will be subject to a rent negotiation. If the landlord asks you to provide your proposed monthly rent, provide an amount you are willing to negotiate. The rent is often calculated based on the square feet available in the space, the conditions of the space and the geographical location of the space.