How to write a commercial proposal

Whether you are writing a commercial or business proposal regarding a loan, a new partnership or some other commercial matter, many free resources are available online to help you put together the proposal. Writing a presentable commercial proposal may take time and practice, but will become easier over time by referencing sample proposals and researching the field you are interested in.

Review the reason(s) for which you are writing the commercial proposal and the tone you would like to present it in. Think about the company you plan to present your proposal to as it may help you better understand how you want to approach the situation.

Organise your topics by brainstorming and creating your own visual diagrams on scrap paper to better separate subjects and thoughts. This will come in handy when it is time to write the commercial proposal's final draft.

Research various templates and commercial proposals that are available as free downloads. Many free commercial proposals and templates are available online at websites such as Young Money ( and Technology Revolution ( These templates may help you complete your commercial proposal or give new ideas and inspiration for your template.

Write your commercial proposal using your computer. Include your official "Summary" and "Mission Statement", describing the purpose of your proposal. Describe the service or product you are promoting as well as your marketing strategies in the future. Insert business highlights, awards and other achievements or business success events if possible. This will help improve your credibility to those you are presenting your proposal to. You can also add information, depending on the business you are running, such as an overall current market analysis and predicted future market analysis.

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