How to write a cover letter for a warehouse job

A cover letter is an introduction to your resume. Just as your resume must be targeted to the warehouse job you are seeking, your cover letter must also be targeted. Highlight the skills and accomplishments you have that make you an attractive candidate for your desired warehouse job in your cover letter. Let the employer know about your inventory control or OSHA experience and you will have a better chance of getting noticed.

Look at job advertisements for warehouse jobs online at the Careerbuilder Web site or in your local newspaper. List the qualifications required by employers for the warehouse jobs and match your own skills, experience and training to those qualifications. Those that are commonly requested by warehouse employers are ability to lift heavy objects, flexibility to work any shift and material handling experience. Tailor your cover letter to highlight these qualifications.

Type your cover letter using standard business letter formatting. (See the related eHow article "How to Write a Business Letter.")

Obtain the person's name in charge of hiring for the warehouse job you are seeking. Call the main number of the company, which you can find using your favorite search engine or the yellow pages, and ask for the name. Use this person's formal name in your greeting.

Begin the first paragraph of your cover letter by stating why you are writing. Mention the specific warehouse job you are seeking such as Material Handler, the company name and where you heard about the job.

Describe in the second paragraph the qualifications you possess that match the qualifications the employer is seeking for the warehouse job. Emphasize related accomplishments. Use jargon relevant to warehouse work, such as shipping and receiving, CDL or forklift.

Write "thank you" in the final paragraph. Request an interview and give your phone number and email address.

Print your cover letter on resume paper that matches your resume. Sign and mail it with your resume.


Don't forget to sign your cover letter before you mail it.

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