Resume Writing Tips for Teens

Teenagers, get ready to submit a well-crafted resume that shows off your qualifications. Confidently apply for a scholarship, internship or job with a professional resume you can be proud of. Highlight your personal job-related experiences and achievements to stand out from other candidates. Prove that a teenager can compose an impressive, well-formatted resume.

Contact Information

Add your contact information to the heading of your resume. Include your full name, address, home phone number, cell phone number and e-mail address. The font size should be slightly larger than the rest of the information on your resume so that it stands out from other candidates. You want potential employers to know who you are. However, the font size should not be so large that it is obnoxious. Find a happy medium. Make sure that your e-mail address appears professional. If it sounds at all inappropriate, set up a new e-mail account. A safe e-mail address selection is simply your name.

Experience and Achievements

Include your positive work experiences and achievements. Your work experience can be from a paid job or volunteer work. Add anything from working at a restaurant to babysitting. Format each job description with the job title, employer's name, employer's location and specific dates you were employed. Below each job listed, include one to three bullet points describing the responsibilities you took on. Personal achievements from academics, fine arts, organisations or athletics can be listed as well. Lastly, include any special skills you possess that make you a qualified candidate. This includes being CPR certified, speaking more than one language or knowing sign language.

Overall Appearance

At a quick glance, a future employer will decide if your resume is impressive enough for you to be considered. Give your resume a professional appearance, free of error. One error in the spacing or spelling may be enough to instantly take you out of the running for the position. Take time to proofread your resume and have a peer or adult look it over as well. Keep the length of your resume to no longer than one page unless a different length is acceptable for a specific position.


Include references who can speak highly of you. It is polite to ask the reference for permission to include his contact information and to give him notice that an employer may be giving him a call. Consider asking coaches, teachers, previous or current employers or family friends. You should not include a family member as a reference. Once your references have agreed to be included, record each reference's name, job title, your relationship with him, his phone number and e-mail address. Two references is an adequate number to include in your resume.

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