How to write a letter to get creditors to take negative debt off your credit report

Write a letter to ask a creditor to remove negative debt information from your credit report by writing a goodwill letter. Explain why you were unable to reconcile your debt in the past. Show that you have paid your account in full. Include all of your contact and account information. Approach creditors with respect since they have no legal obligation to remove negative credit information. Call the company for the name of the person to whom you should send your letter.

Write your name, address, telephone number and account number at the top of your letter. Enter the creditor's name, its address and the date beneath your contact information.

Enter a businesslike salutation. Write, for example: Dear Ms. Stern. Or write: To Whom it May Concern.

Introduce your request for goodwill with a statement, such as, "I am writing to ask for your goodwill regarding my account." Thank the person for all help extended to you in the past, suggests the Blunt Money website.

Explain the reason why you were unable to pay the bill originally. Write, for instance, "When I incurred the debt to your company I could not make the agreed payments. I lost my job and was unable to find employment for six months."

Describe any attempts you made to pay your debt and any contact you made with the company. You might write, "I stayed in contact with your billing department during that time, but your company was unable to make the kind of payment arrangements I needed. As a result, I earned a negative credit mark on my credit report. I since have paid my bill in full including all late fees and interest charges."

Close by writing that you know the information on your credit report is accurate. Repeat that you are asking the company to help you to clean up your credit. Tell the person that you would like him to ask the three major credit agencies to remove the account from your report. Mention your knowledge that The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives a company the legal ability to remove paid accounts at the company's discretion. State that you ask for the company's discretion in the matter of your account.


Write a dispute letter to request mistakes be removed from your credit report. Keep a copy of the letter for your records. Send goodwill letters by certified mail for proof of contact.

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Things Needed

  • Creditor contact information
  • Debt information
  • Proof of payment

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