How to Write a Cover Letter as a Front Desk Receptionist in a Medical Office

Front desk receptionists in medical offices serve as greeters, insurance billers and referral coordinators, among other job roles. They are the first person patients meet when they enter a medical office, and they have excellent customer service and problem solving skills. Emphasise your skills as well as any medical office experience you have in your cover letter for a medical front desk receptionist position.

Indicate in your first paragraph whether you are a certified medical assistant or not. Not all employers require applicants to possess a CMA, but if you have one, tell employers from the beginning. Having your CMA is generally a plus for medical receptionist jobs as you may also have to occasionally assist with patients by taking vital signs or preparing them for procedures.

Provide examples of how you dealt with difficult insurance companies or patients in your cover letter as well. Employers want to know that you can solve problems, advocate for patients and for the practice and be self-motivated, all while being professional and courteous. Examples from your work experience can demonstrate these skills.

State that you are a fast learner with an interest in the medical field if you have little or no relevant experience. Discuss any customer service or receptionist experience you have in other industries. Do not neglect to mention experience you have gained volunteering as well that would be useful as a medical receptionist.

State whether you speak another language as medical receptionists who are bilingual can be particularly valuable employees in areas with large immigrant and refugee populations. Also discuss your computer skills, medical terminology knowledge, and any insurance payment and billing knowledge you have.

Tell the employer what you can do for him in your cover letter instead of emphasising what the employer can do for you and your career. Indicate that you can increase the efficiency of his office, cut down on office supply costs or be helpful as an interpreter, for example.

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