How to Write a Letter of Application for an Internal Post

Some companies offer employees the opportunity for advancement through internal job postings. However, just because you already work for your employer does not guarantee you will receive the job you are applying for. When applying for an internal job posting, remember to always be professional, and treat this process as if you were applying with your employer for the first time.

Show your appreciation in the opening. When you open the letter, make sure to thank your employer for the opportunity to apply for the internal job posting, such as, "Thank you for the opportunity to apply for the management position within our company." Keep the opening short, while still showing how grateful you are and stating the position for which you are applying.

Explain your qualifications. In the next paragraph, write a statement listing the different qualifications you have for the internal position. Remember, just because you have worked for the company for years does not mean the hiring manager knows all of your qualifications. For example, "I have 10 years in management, including the supervision of employees and outside contractors."

Close by thanking the hiring manager for his time. State that you are looking forward to hearing from him. Keep the closing short and to the point, and include your signature just below it.

Enclose a copy of your resume. Since you started working for your company, you may have finished college or received additional training the hiring manager may not know about. Include an updated copy of your resume with your internal application and cover letter.

Use high-quality paper. Select a linen or higher quality paper in white or ivory. Try to avoid using plain copy paper. Make it look professional, just as you would when applying for a new company.

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Things Needed

  • High-quality paper

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