How to Write to a Renter to Clean up a Rental

Landlords often encounter problems with tenants who do not keep their rental properties clean and neat. This may happen while a tenant is living in the property or right after he has vacated the premises. If you are a landlord and want to request a tenant to clean up the property, write him a formal letter making the request. Be direct and clear in your letter -- and also be respectful.

Use letterhead stationery for your letter, if available. Letterhead looks more formal and contains your company name, address and other contact information.

Date and address the letter. Using a word processing program, write the current date on the top lefthand side of the letter and below that type the tenant's name and address. Begin the letter by writing "Dear" followed by the tenant's name.

State the purpose of the letter. Writing a letter to a tenant is not always an easy task. You must be careful with your wording to avoid hurting his feelings or causing him to become angry. In a diplomatic manner, write that the purpose of this letter is to request that he clean up his property.

Bring in aspects of the lease. If the signed lease has any stipulations regarding the condition a tenant must keep his property, state this section of the agreement in your letter and remind him that this was stated in the lease he signed.

Explain why you are requesting him to clean the property. If there have been complaints from neighbours or city officials about garbage and debris in his yard, state this in the letter.

Thank the tenant. Close the letter by thanking him for his cooperation in this matter. Sign the letter "Sincerely" followed by your name. Either hand deliver the letter or send it through certified mail to ensure that he receives it.

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