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How to Write a Self Assessment for Your Employer

Many organisations enforce an annual performance review process for their entire staff.

Some companies require employees to take an active role in their own review by writing a self-assessment of their performance to be used in conjunction with their manager's appraisal. Although it takes time and thought to write, the self-assessment provides employees with the opportunity to highlight their accomplishments, however big or small, and to remind their boss how valuable they are as employees.

Obtain a copy of your company's mission statement and the job description for your specific position at the company. These two statements will be the foundation for your self-assessment and everything that you include in it should help to demonstrate how your specific contributions are in alignment with the company's overall business goals.

Think back to last year's performance review meeting and start cultivating examples of the work you have accomplished since that very meeting. If your employer has forgotten about something you did a few months back, this is your chance to remind him or her. According to All Business, you should refrain from being modest while you highlight your accomplishments, but you should also be remain objective.

Include as many examples that support your positive growth as an employee as you can muster. For example, if you are a writer, include a variety of clips. If you are a sales representative, include a chart detailing your sales quotient and your commission. If you were supposed to attend work place training, provide proof of course completion or certification. Don't forget to try to link all of the examples that you include back to the mission statement to prove how your employment has been a benefit to the entire organisation.

Ask colleagues and clients/customers to offer some feedback on your performance. According to Job Dig, this is particularly important if you are part of a work team.

Conclude your self assessment by offering suggestions on ways that you can further enhance your skills and/or contributions. If you think attending a trade show in your industry could be a learning experience, name the one you would like to attend. If you feel you could use a refresher course in some job skills training, recommend a training vendor. Show your boss that you want to continue to grow with the company going forward.

Proofread and edit your self assessment report thoroughly before you turn it in. The document will become a part of your permanent employee file at the company, so make sure that you have used proper and professional language and that all your statements are based in fact.

Things Needed

  • Corporate mission statement
  • Written job description
  • Supporting job performance documents, if applicable
  • Copy of prior year's performance evaluation