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How to accept a job offer through email

So, you just received a job offer from an employer, but the offer was sent to you through e-mail. Now you're trying to figure out how to respond to the job offer.

Well, accepting a job offer through e-mail is becoming more common among companies today. In fact, in today's society, e-mail is a preferred method of contact for some employers because it is a simple and effective communication tool. However, there are a few things that you should do before you accept a job offer through e-mail.

Read the email from the employer. If you receive a job offer through e-mail you should open the email as soon as you receive it and read it very carefully. The job offer should contain important information about the position, such as your title, salary, start date, work schedule and benefits. Be sure to read the entire e-mail at least twice, so you can have a clear understanding of the job offer.

Write down questions about the job offer. After you read the job offer take a few minutes to jot down any questions you may want to ask the employer. For example, maybe you have questions about the health insurance or retirement benefits. Or perhaps you want to ask the employer if you can change your start date because you need to give your current employer a sufficient amount of time to replace you. Please keep in mind that If you do have questions about the job offer, you should go ahead and e-mail or call the employer right away, so you can discuss your concerns with him. It is best to have your questions or concerns resolved before you actually accept the job offer.

Decide if you want to accept the job offer. Be sure to weigh out the pros and cons for the job before you make a decision. Do not spend too much time thinking about the job offer because you don't want the employer to offer the position to someone else. In most cases, you should be able to respond to a job offer through e-mail within two or three days after you receive the offer.

Prepare an e-mail to send to the employer. Once you have decided to accept the job offer, you should take time to write a professional and polite e-mail to that employer informing him of your decision. Be sure to thank the employer for choosing you for the position and let her know that you look forward to working for that company. In addition, be sure to keep the email brief.

Send the employer your e-mail. Make sure that you read over your e-mail a couple of times before you send it to the employer. And be sure to send the email to the person who offered you the position (unless you were instructed to contact another person). Also, don't forget to address that specific person in your e-mail (e.g. Dear Mr. John Doe).


Do not forward your job offer e-mail to family and friends because many employers consider this type of information confidential and you do not want to violate any type of company security policy.