Accredited life experience degrees

There is a degree program for everybody, even those who don't have four years they can dedicate to college. Accredited life experience degrees are given based on what you know and the experiences you have had in life. Degrees range from associate's to master's with requirements including classes taken at school and work you have done in the past.

Associate's Degree

To receive an accredited life experience associate's degree there is a process that must be completed. Ashwood University is an online school accredited by The World Online Education Accrediting Commission and the Board of The Online Universities Accreditation. Ashwood University can approve you without exams or money spent on classes. Mention at least two years of work and good things you have done that are relevant to the type of degree program you are applying for. As of February 2011 it will cost you £252 to receive your associate's degree with a delivery time of two weeks.

Bachelor's Degree

An accredited life experience bachelor's degree can be attained from Universal Degrees an affiliate of Corllins University, which is accredited by The Global Accreditation Bureau. Those who went to college and earned credits, will get approved faster than someone who has only had work experience. If you have at least four years of work experience in a job relevant to your degree major you will need no college credits. Three years of work experience means you will need 30 college credits and 60 college credits for those with two years of work. The fee as of February 2011 is £389.

Master's Degree

In order to receive an accredited life experience master's degree contact Belford University. The school is accredited by The International Accreditation Agency for Online Universities and Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation. The application process consist of an online equivalency test which you can skip if you have been working for six years in a field that coincides with the degree program you are applying for. Volunteer work and employee workshops are also good to mention when applying for an accredited life experience master's degree. As of February 2011 the total cost is £356 for your degree, two original transcripts and a few other certificates.

Doctrate Degrees

Receiving a doctorate degree from a university may require eight to 10 years of college. Hill University is accredited by the Organization for Online Learning Accreditation and International Online Education Accrediting Board. Hill requires eight years of work or life experience in the field you are applying for. It's good to mention document training and programs you've been involved in that qualify you. The staff at Hill University will take those extra activities in to consideration while reviewing your application. As of February 2011 those accepted will pay £486 for a doctorate degree. You'll receive a package within 15 days with your degree and certificates to show that you have received an accredited doctorate.

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