How to Activate a Capital One Credit Card

Capital One is a financial institution that offers loans and credit cards to customers. Upon applying for a new credit card and after being accepted, you should receive the card and your credit information within ten days. You cannot use the credit card until you activate it, which you must do over the phone. Capital One does not allow credit customers to activate their cards online.

Remove the credit card from the piece of paper on which it was mailed. Scrape the glue strip off the back of your card with your finger.

Find the sticker on the front of the credit card that has the activation phone number. If there is no sticker, look on the back of the card for the customer service number. Call either the activation number or the customer service number.

Enter your 15 to 16 digit credit card number (on the front of the card) when prompted by the automated voice menu. Select the correct prompt for activating the card. Wait for the automated voice to confirm the activation.

Sign the back of your card.

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Things Needed

  • Telephone

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