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How to get a bank account after being blacklisted

If you don't pay some bank fees owed or you have a number of checks that were returned due to insufficient funds your bank could have you blacklisted. This is the process of having you reported to ChexSystems, which is a national credit reporting agency that keeps records of customers who have unpaid bank fees and other unusual bank activities. Once you are reported to ChexSystems it will be very difficult to open a bank account.

Go to the bank and present identification--usually a driver's license, passport, military ID or state ID. You will also need your initial opening deposit. Some banks require one piece of identification and others require two.

Give the bank representative your name, address, Social Security number, date of birth, and driver's license number. The representative will probably fill out an application using all of your personal information. Discuss the type of bank account you want to open.

Wait for the representative to key your personal information into the computer system. When he submits your application for processing the system will automatically search the ChexSystem listing of customers to see if you are on file with them. Some representatives actually have to call ChexSystems to see if you have been reported. Once you are reported to ChexSystems you remain on their list for five years from the date reported.

Ask the bank their policy for ChexSystems. Some banks require you to pay the bank fees you owe by mailing the money directly to ChexSystems and waiting out the five-year reporting period before you can open an account. The policy for other banks is for you to pay the fees owed, and then you can open a bank account even if the five-year time frame has not expired.

Send the money owed to ChexSystems. If you decide to do business with the bank, and all they require is for you to pay your old fees, you can use the following address: ChexSystems, Attn: Consumer Relations, 7805 Hudson Road, Suite 100, Woodbury, MN. 55125.


  • Never assume that you cannot open a bank account because of ChexSystems.

Things Needed

  • ChexSystem information