How to find which is my bank branch?

Since most banks have more than one location, how do you know which office is your bank branch? Although you can almost always make deposits and withdrawals at any location of your bank, building a personal relationship with your branch can come in handy if you need specialised help such as applying for a loan or getting bank fees reversed. Knowing your branch is also important if you send or receive a money transfer.

Visit the branch where you opened your bank account. If you already have an account at a bank, the location where you opened the account is your bank branch. If you have moved since you opened your account and that branch is no longer convenient, visit a new branch in your new area to see if there is a procedure you need to follow to make that branch your home branch.

Ask at the bank. If you aren't sure where you opened your account, ask at any branch of your bank. They will be able to tell you which branch is your home branch by looking up your account records. You can also accomplish this by calling your bank's customer service line.

Check your bank's website. Some banks include branch information in customer online account profiles.


If you opened your account online and did not select a physical branch in the process, you bank likely assigned you a branch based on which location is closest to the home address you gave for your account.

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