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How can I deposit money into my Perfect Money online account?

Perfect Money is an online financial services company. Its services do not directly equate to those of a bank because it does not arrange loans and it does not offer direct access to money in accounts. It behaves more like a mediator. You can make payments in US dollars, Euros or gold. It enables you to make transfers, foreign payments, or switch your money between its three base currencies. The absence of any high street outlets may put you off opening an account with Perfect Money. However, you can use a third party to put money into your Perfect Money account.

Log in to your Perfect Money account. You will need your Member ID and password. You also need to enter the number seen in the blurred image on the log in screen, which Perfect Money calls a “Turing number.”

Click on “Deposit” on the menu bar of the main screen in Perfect Money. In the “Deposit” screen select the “Bank wire” link.

Fill out the bank wire request form. Start off by clicking the “Browse” button next to the “Document” field. This opens a standard file browser window. Find the file containing the scan of your passport. It must have the .jpg file extension. Click on the file and press the “Open” button. The file browser window will close. Select the Perfect Money account you want to send the funds to from the drop-down list in the “Account” field. Enter the sender’s name, country and city. Next enter details of the bank you will be sending the money from and the current date. Press the “Preview” button to finish the process.

Click “OK” to generate a page with bank details. These details show the bank to which you should wire the money from your bank. The bank your money goes to will not be the same for each transfer so you can only use the details once. You will have to fill out the deposit notification form each time you pay money into your Perfect Money account.

Print out the bank details page and take it to your bank to request a bank transfer to the account in the bank wire details page. Check the level of money in your Perfect Money account to see when the money arrives.

Things Needed

  • A scanned image of your passport