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How to Cancel My iOffer Account

Based out of San Francisco, iOffer is an online marketplace where users negotiate the price of goods. This differs from other websites that rely on open bidding; instead, the buyer and seller contact each other to determine a price that suits both parties.

Once the item is agreed upon, there is a final value fee charged by the website. You cannot close your iOffer account on your own and instead need to put in a request at the helpdesk.

Log on to your iOffer online account.

Pay any remaining balance on your account and finish any open negotiations. You will not be allowed to close the account if you owe any money.

Send an e-mail to asking to terminate your account. Be sure to write that you are aware you do not have to cancel and insist on your desire to permanently close it. Include your user ID and specify the account you are trying to close.

Respond to any further e-mails attempting to keep your account active. Confirm your request to cancel your account and iOffer will close it. You will receive a final e-mail confirming the removal of your account.