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How to stop payment via Western Union

Western Union is a money transfer company that transfers funds instantly from one part of the world to another. However, if you accidentally transfer the funds to the wrong person, or if there is any other reason that requires you to stop the Western Union payment, then you must act fast. Western Union allows customers to cancel a money order by e-mail and phone.


Pull up the Western Union money order cancellation form from the website.

Write "Money transfer to be cancelled" in the subject of the email.

Add details of your transaction in the body of the email. You must provide information about the Money transfer control number (MTCN), date on which the money transfer was initiated, first and last name of the sender, his city and country information, receiver's full name, country to which the funds were transferred and the money order's worth in pounds. These particulars are available on the receipt issued by Western Union when you first purchased the money order.

By phone

Gather the particulars listed in the previous section.

Go to the "Contact Us" page on the Western Union UK website (see Resources). Call the Customer Services number.

Provide your money order's details to the company representative and request for cancellation of your money order.


Western Union can only cancel a money order so long as the receiver hasn't collected it. Hence, you must act fast or else your efforts will be futile.