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How to Cash Tax Rebate Checks

For most individuals, tax rebate checks are a welcome sight in their mailbox. However, the check itself cannot be used as paper money. To receive the funds that have been refunded by the United States Treasury, the recipient must cash the rebate check. While this is not a difficult task, if you do not have a current account with a financial institution, the process requires additional documentation to ensure that you are the individual addressed on the check.

Endorse the back of the check with your signature, using a blue or black ink pen. All individuals listed on the front of the check must sign the back.

Determine where you will be cashing your check. Most banks and department stores (such as Wal-Mart) will cash checks with the proper identification.

Write your bank account number under your signature if you will be cashing it at a financial institution in which you have an account.

Present the endorsed check, a photo ID and other required identification (such as a credit or Social Security card) to the cashier.

Count the money received to ensure you have the correct amount.


  • If only one person signs a two-party check, it cannot be cashed. There will most likely be a fee to cash the check if you do not have an account with the bank, or you are going to a department store or check-cashing service. To eliminate the fee, consider opening an account at the financial institution in which you are cashing your rebate check. Check to see if any businesses are offering a free check-cashing service. In 2008, Wal-Mart provided free check-cashing services for stimulus rebate checks.

Things Needed

  • Black or blue pen
  • Photo identification
  • Credit card
  • Social Security card