When moving in with someone else or leaving a shared residence, you may want to consolidate utilities to avoid paying multiple times for one service.

Sky permits customers to add or change names on an active contract in such situations, and altering the name on the contract does not extend or otherwise affect the current terms of service. It is important to note, however, that Sky will not approve a name change unless the customer can provide a legitimate need for making the request.

Locate your Sky account information, including your account number. You can use your most recent Sky bill to find this information if you do not already know it.

Contact Sky's customer service line and advise a representative that you would like to change the name on your contract. You may need to provide a reason for requesting the name change before the representative will oblige.

Provide your account number and other personal identification information, including the original name, address, telephone number and NINO on the account, to the representative. Also identify yourself with your personal information. Without first providing this information, the representative will not permit you to authorise any changes to the account.

Provide the representative with a detailed reason for changing the name of the contract. Be as detailed as you can, as failing to provide a sufficient reason can prompt Sky to disapprove the request. Obtain and write down the confirmation number when you are finished, which you will need to provide to Sky if a representative questions the name change in the future.

Visit the Sky website and log in to your online account with your Sky id number. If you did not set up your online id account, click "Register" and enter your Sky account number to create a new Sky id.

Locate the option for "Help" on the menu bar to reach the Help Centre. From here, click on "Account and Billing," and choose "Your Account Details" on the next screen.

Locate the option titled, "Please Let Us Know" and click. You will be redirected to an secure online form.

From the menu, select "Change Name on Account." Enter your account information in the form, including the name that currently appears on the account. Enter the name you want to change on your account in the field labelled "New Account Name."

Double-check your information to ensure it is accurate, then click "Submit." Print the confirmation page on the next screen. Sky may ask you to provide proof of name change on the account, including the confirmation information.