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How to check the credit card defaulters' list

A few years back, the major credit card issuers all started coming together to fight back against people who do not pay their credit card debts. The biggest centralised credit card defaulter's list is maintained by CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited), though it is important to note that CIBIL does not classify your credit account as "default." The CIBIL database only keeps records, while it is the banks and credit card companies who classify someone's account as defaulted.

Request your CIBIL credit report (See Resources). You will need the CIR 9Credit Information Report) Request Form (See Resources), a signed photocopy of your passport, a signed copy of an electric bill or some other proof of address, and payment (See Resources). The fee is 142 Rupees (about £2.0), and it must be sent in the form of a Demand Draft. Everything must be sent via Indian Post. You may call CIBIL with questions at 022-6140-4300 (international phone fees will apply).

Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited P.O. Box 17, Millennium Business Park Navi Mumbai- 400 710

Contact the bank or credit card issuer who you believe reported you as in default. Ask if they reported your account as defaulted, and ask if they submitted your name to CIBIL or to the credit bureaus.

Check your credit report. You are entitled to one free credit report a year from all three credit bureaus at Annual Credit Any accounts that have deemed as "in default" will be listed on your credit report.


  • Remember, there is no single "defaulters list" maintained anywhere. Your credit history is simply reflected in an institution's records the way it has been reported, and the only way to fix that status is to take it up with the bank or credit lender who you defaulted on. A Demand Draft is basically a check that can be verified by phone or over the Internet. It is a "Deposit Only" form, and must be deposited directly into a bank account. You can get one from your bank.