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CV Objective Examples

Because a curriculum vitae, or CV, is more academic in nature than a resume, your objective should reflect your scholarly goals rather than an overall career goal. Deciding on how to write your CV objective requires knowing the specific types of objectives and in which situation that type might work best.

Specific Position

This type of CV objective aims to explain a specific position you wish to obtain. For example, if you are applying for a position at a university as the biology professor or are looking for an internship at a company while you complete your graduate work, you might state "obtain a position as professor of English at the graduate level at an accredited university."


An industry or environment focused CV should have an objective that reflects your desire to further yourself in that field in general. For example, if you are applying for a grant to help further your academic research in the field of palaeontology, your objective might state "obtain an academic position that allows me to further research and contribute to the field of palaeontology."

Skills and Experience

Another option is to write an objective on your CV that focuses on your own skills and experience and how you wish to find a position that allows you to use them to their full potential. For example, if you are a journalism student seeking work as a sports reporter, your objective might state "seeking to utilise strong copywriting skills and experience interviewing athletes."


Creating the most effective objective for you may require combining two or more of these types of objectives. If you are unsure, begin by listing what positions you want, what career goals you have in general, and what your skills and experience entail. Select a few of what you feel are the strongest points or that are most important to you and write a statement that includes them. For example, "Seeking a position in a university chemistry department allowing me to incorporate my research skills."