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How to Delete Movies From Netflix History

You're inviting your new significant other over to spend the night watching movies at home with a pizza from the local pizzeria. Just then you realise you spent the entire night watching cartoon reruns instant on Netflix. Instead of facing the embarrassment, you think you will just delete the history.

However, the bad news is to delete a history you must start a new account; there's no other way to have a fresh history. You can then start a new one with the same billing address.

Log in to your Netflix account using your user name and password. You will need to do this online so you can access your account information.

Click "My Account & Help" at the top right corner of the page.

Click "Cancel My Membership" under the top right column on the page.

Scroll down to the end of the page and check the box "I accept and understand the terms of cancellation and want to cancel my account." Choose "Complete Cancellation" at the bottom of the page as well. Make sure you send back any DVDs related to the account within seven days to avoid being charged for them.

Sign up for a new Netflix account. Your history will be new and clean.