How to disappear forever

If you've ever felt like dropping off the face of the earth, to get away from everything without harming yourself, there are methods you can employ. You can disappear without leaving a trace. To be accomplished successfully, this process requires complete certainty, careful planning and avoidance of questionable actions that will attract the attention of law enforcement or private investigation. Read on to learn how to disappear completely.

Leave your present locale. Don't say goodbye. Don't have mail forwarded. Simply vanish forever.

Remove all your liquid financial assets from your bank three months ahead of your departure. Close your accounts several weeks before your departure

Sell all your physical assets, except your car, and turn them into cash. Only keep things that are completely necessary. Discard things that you can't sell. The combined volume of your physical assets should fit in a suitcase or two. This includes the clothes you will need during the first week when you establish yourself.

Change your name. You'll leave a record of this name change, so do it from your new location. The smaller your new location is, the less likely anyone will find the record or you.

Lay low in your new location. It's hard to get a job or bank account because these things require you to give your national insurance number which then traces you to your present place. You can do odd jobs, though, and keep your money at home.

Check to see if you can legally change your national insurance number if you're in a perilous situation. For example, if your former spouse is threatening or stalking you, you may be able to change your name, location and social security legally to vanish forever.

Rough it. Go off in the wilds, perhaps even in a foreign country, and live off the land. You won't have any phone bills, mortgages, bank accounts, tax forms or other ties that can lead people to you.

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