The Wonderful World of Disney Trivia game is a board game designed for players of all ages who enjoy the Wonderful World of Disney.

The Disney trivia game is based on the Trivial Pursuit format, as stated in the manufacturer's instructions, and features all Disney-related questions. You must have a minimum of two players for this game and it takes about 45 minutes to complete; however, the time it takes to play varies depending on each player's knowledge of Disney.

Ensure that you have all the pieces for the Disney trivia game. This includes a Mickey Mouse head shaped game board, a box of cards containing 400 adult trivia cards and 100 kids' trivia cards, four Mickey Mouse movers, 20 Mickey Mouse tokens, one die and four category reference cards.

Decide if you will be playing this game as individuals or as a team and whether you will be playing with the adult or child trivia cards.

Unfold the two Mickey Mouse ears to display the whole game board. Remove the lid from the card box and set the card box into the lid for safe keeping.

Take turns choosing a Mickey Mouse player post and place it at "Start." Direct each player to take a category card for reference -- these are at the front of the adult card deck.

Roll the die; the player with the highest number goes first. In the event of a tie, those two players will roll again.

Roll the die. Move your Mickey Mouse piece clockwise around the "Start" film reel the number of spaces indicated. Land on a space with another player in it and move ahead to the next open space.

Land on a space in the "Start" reel and answer a question. Choose from animation, film, song, personalities or miscellaneous to answer an adult question. Have the player to your left draw a question card and read that category question. Place the card to the back of the adult deck. Choose from yellow, purple, green, blue or red if you will be answering a kids' question. Have the player to the left select a kids' card and show you the picture on the front. The player to the left will then read the question on the back of the card that matches your chosen colour. Place the card at the back of the kids' deck.

Miss the question and your turn is over. The next player now rolls the die. Get the answer right and you get to roll again. Once you move past the "Start" reel, you are now on the main game board. Place your mover on the first yellow space and begin to move your Mickey Mouse piece in a counterclockwise direction -- the spaces on the main game board have a coloured border that corresponds to a category.

Roll the die and move the indicated number of spaces. Have the player to your left select a question card and read the question that corresponds to your space's colour. Miss the question and you lose your turn. The next player rolls the die. Get the question right and grab a Mickey Mouse token that matches your space's colour. Place the token in your Mickey Mouse mover post and roll again.

Continue taking turns rolling the die and moving counterclockwise on the board until you answer a question from all five categories. Once you have all five tokens, roll the die and continue answering questions as you move toward the "End" reel.

Roll the die and move past the yellow space next to the "End" reel. Follow the arrow and move your Mickey Mouse piece onto the "End" reel starting with the space that is to the left of "The End" space. Move your piece in a clockwise direction now. Land on a space and the player to your left gets to choose the category for you to answer from. The player then announces this category to the other players, draws a card and asks you the question. Follow the same rules for answering the questions.

Stop once you reach "The End" space. The player to the left then chooses a category, draws a card and asks you a question. Miss the answer and loose your turn. Once it is your turn again, you do not have to roll. The player to the left follows the same procedure to ask you another question.

Win the game by being the first person to answer all five categories correctly, reach "The End" and answer the final question correctly.


If you land on a space with a colour category you have already answered, you still have to answer that question to roll again. You do not have to get an exact roll to land on "The End" space.